Over 20 years hands-on experience helping FinTech organizations optimize Technical Strategy & IT spend, allowing cost savings to be re-invested back into the company.


Cloud Technologies

Maximizing cost savings through optimized Cloud posturing ensuring money isn't being wasted on resources that aren't being fully utilized.

Mobile First Development

Optimizing application development & design for positive client experience on client applications through mobile form factors.

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Data Driven approach to optimization through collection & realization of business critical KPIs

Agile Methodologies

Enhancing company wide delivery process to continually deliver high value features and functionality to customers


Eric Nusbaum Portrait

Eric P. Nusbaum has over 20 years hands-on experience delivering award winning solutions in multiple sectors including Finance and Sports Entertainment. Specializing in FinTech solutions, Eric has spent over a decade working on all sides on the brokerage industry. Delivering RIA-centric solutions with LPL Financial, building award winning Retail Brokerage platforms with TradeKing & Ally Invest, as well as Clearing and Back-Office solutions with Penson Financial Services, Inc (now Apex Clearing). His passion is partnering with organizations to build strong, viable technical strategies and then seeing those strategies through to implementation.

"A company's success will be measured by their ability to continually deliver value to customers through technology."